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01 Aug 2013

I’m going to do a mix of vlogs and written blog posts when I’m in Europe. To test out embedded Youtube videos for that, here’s one my friend Xuehai and I made for our cottage trip this past weekend.

I had never been to a cottage before, and I don’t think I could have asked for a better first time experience. Sean’s place was decked out with everything you’d ever want and more. I won’t go into the specifics; I think the video showcases all the facilities pretty well. We might as well have been at a 5 star resort.

I can’t believe how musically talented everyone was. At any given time there was always someone singing. Even menial chores seemed more fun with the euphonic background music. If only I could have someone follow me around at all times turning my life into a musical… (startup idea?)

We had some good old fashioned University of Toronto vs University of Waterloo rivalry. In the end Waterloo reigned supreme, winning 5 arbitrary points to 3 through a series of perilous events like dumpling making (yes, we successfully brought the Asian to the pinnacle Western outing) and flip cup.

The weekend was filled with much laughter and good vibes. A++ would definitely do again!

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